Sony XL-55 MC refurbished with new Stylus/Cantilever by VAS USA

Sony XL-55 MC cartridge, regarded as Sony's best sounded cartridge & still better than anything available up to around $3,000.

This unit was traded in decapitated with an arm for one of my Temaad 12'' arms. I in-turn sent it off to VAS in the USA who checked it out & fitted a new Boron cantilever & Shibata stylus.

The Cart is a low output MC & suitable for a low/medium to medium mass tone arm say from an upgraded Rega RB250, even a SME V

It is offered now with less that 10 hours it. Asking US$550 plus postage worldwide.


The ardent cart collector GRGaudio in the US has reviewed over 500 cartridge & listed the XL55 one of the top cartridges, Scoring better than the Koetsu R/Wood, Dynavector DVXX-2, Benz Micro, EMT TSD15, Shelter 901, Ikeda 9-CV, Lyra Lydian B, Linn Klyd & even the VDH Colibri XCP and many more.

9/10 by Hksommer

I use this with new original damper, original stylus and with a new shibata nude tip. So the cartridge is like new and run in for about 80 hours now. It ran with Sony PUA 7, Koshin GST 801 and SAEC 308 with different heavy head-shells e.g Orsonic 101s, Ikeda ... Turns out that again, my PUA 7 with its original intern copper wiring was the best match. This cartridge can offer you all of that what's in the music. There is no weakness except one. The following is of course my opinion: acoustically I have the feeling of a very thin curtain between live and the XL-55 Pro. Just a shade of dust in the morning, when the sun has nearly cleared the fog. Not to be misunderstood - this cartridge is a master of all classes in reproduction. Compared with the best cartridges of today, it's still up to date and with it's price cheap, compared to nowadays top cartridges. Ah, and do not be afraid of broken intern wires if treated with respect, this cartridge is stable. I love this cartridge because it looks like a tank but sounds like Rosanna Arquette looked when she was young.

10/10 by desertdog

Awesome at today's prices you would have to spend £3000 at least to equal it posted 2017


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That’s a lot of Cart for the money. If I wasn’t so Cart rich, I would be very tempted. Steve has done most of my cart repairs and refurbishment and I trust him implicitly. Good luck with the sale bud!