Soundstring DAC Power Cord

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Hi gents.
I’m hoping to dig up one of those lovely Soundstring power cords for my new DAC, but I don’t recall the model name or number.

Any of you guys familiar with their line?

@Ernie or @billfort? Do you remember which one you listened to?


My best pal, Molly
Low power Digital cord. 10A rating. 18/3 wire? White molded plastic.

Let me look.


My best pal, Molly
Last retail I saw was $50USD. I can't find the list of models.

Scarcer than hen's teeth, these.


My best pal, Molly
Got the model designation


where x = length of cable (3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15) and PCLOD stands for Power Cable Low Output Digital.

Looks like Soundstring had their last blowout in 2018,

I can't find one anywhere. I don't have Len Miller's email address any more, as the domain is dead. FWIW, was how we communicated. The factory was in Norwalk, Connecticut. Len's son, Andy, was high up in the company, and I understand that he has a new company, or a name-change.

Here is the old phone number: 203-853-9300