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I’m looking for a way to protect the drivers on my new to me bookshelf speakers. In the past I’ve used a sock pulled down over the entire speaker just to protect from dust accumulation over time. I’ve also used a drape but that always looks so crappy. I’m curious what you’re using?


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I’d be curious what folks have come up with, as I picked up a pair of Kestrel Hot Rods last summer without covers. I think they look more interesting uncovered, but I have an ongoing issue with dust in my place. Don’t know if dust has much impact on the sound, but when it accumulates the speakers look “older”.
I have a pair of Swifts that are without the covers. I asked Pat about the topic and sadly he doesn’t have any remaining inventory, and the patterns have gone awol. I’m certain that if he had either he would make them available to us. That’s the kind of guy he is. From what I’m able to tell the originals were made of a stretchy nylon like mesh material with a stretchy band sewn around the perimeter. I’m sure they could be reproduce, but it’s an issue I’ve just not prioritize. Good luck guys!
Looks like some creativity will be involved.
Wouldn’t have to be very elaborate, just functional. The right material and perhaps a local seamstress.
So... I'm a huge Meadowlark fanboy. I admit it. I've always appreciated his passion, his expertise in both acoustics and woodworking, his journey, his relentless and restless drive to squeeze the best out of current technology, and most importantly his personality.

His new speakers are a bit different from the earlier ones, but since we're talking about Meadowlark covers I think this an appropriate thread talk about Meadowlark speaker covers. I have three pair of his speakers: a pair of Swifts, a pair of Swallows and a pair of Little Wing prototype DSP speakers.

My Swifts are my first love favorites because they got me started on the path. They did not come with covers; however, the Swallows I found for my son did! They are loose but intact. They are smaller than what's needed for the Swifts otherwise I'd steal them. Pictures are below. They don't look too difficult to reproduce... at first glance. They're made of a stretchy polyester material with an elastic band around the perimeter. I'm guessing that as they've aged... they've sagged. I don't see any seams at the corners at all which makes construction easier. So, a pattern shouldn't be difficult. What I'm not certain about is how the elastic band is attached. It looks to be sewn in, but if so... the person that did it had mad precise skills. The precision is nuts.

I have found materials online that I think would work to produce a reproduction. I have to first determine the elastic band diameter. Then determine how to attach it. I don't think I'll ever be able to find the exact mesh material, but I think I can find something that will look nice and somewhat close to original. I have a seamstress who wants to do the project but it's going to be a trial and error, I think.

This is mesh I'm considering...

This is the elastic thread I'm considering but I think it's too thick. Need to break out the venier.

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Actually I take that back... I don't think that it's an elastic band around the perimeter. It looks to be nylon fishing line. Looks ocean fishing thickness to me....
Try these folks. They’ll make you custom covers to your specs, including leaving an open space cut-out for the amps. You can order them without the CUSTOM branding as well.

Hey Rich,
I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to communicate with Jordan from Custom covers. I began a conversation with him more than 10 days ago and have received sporadic confused responses. What they offer looks ideal so I’ve tried to persue it but now I’m beginning to wonder if I should. What was your experience with Custom covers? I’ve tried calling and the number given just disconnects. Each one of the links given except Etsy isn’t viable.
I’m just curious if you had as much trouble connecting with him. Not a big deal, I’m going to continue looking elsewhere.
Well I guess I should have been more patient,
He got back to me this morning and we worked things out. An order has been placed.
It’s just difficult sometimes to trust online vendors, especially one’s you’ve never dealt with.
Anyway, more patience is the mantra going forward
Well I guess I should have been more patient,
He got back to me this morning and we worked things out. An order has been placed.
It’s just difficult sometimes to trust online vendors, especially one’s you’ve never dealt with.
Anyway, more patience is the mantra going forward
Keep us posted John.
The covers arrived last week from Bulgaria. I couldn’t be more pleased. Very nice work that looks like it will last forever. I got them without the logo afixed to the front which I believe is something that is standard unless you request otherwise ( thanks Rich). They are easy on and off, the only change I’ll make is to add a removable strap across the back to hold them snug. I believe the gentleman’s name was Jordan? Once I was sure he knew what I wanted and all measurements were confirmed I placed the order. Took about 12 days to get them iirc.
So if you’re looking for covers check this guy out


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