Speaking of the new (current production) JBL L-100 reboot


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I am just now sitting here reading the latest edition marginally iconoclastic "Copper" newsletter from PS Audio/Bill Leebens (Ed.): https://www.psaudio.com/?issuem_pdf=true&issue_id=492

-- and I happened to notice this picture and quip from an article on RMAF 2018:

Now, I've seriously got no skin in this game; just thought it was an interesting comment/perspective.
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I wonder if someone found the original grille mold on a shelf and said, "Hey, you know what we should do?"
Rapidly followed by "Here. Hold my beer."

Harman International is Pleased to Introduce the JBL Very Loudspeaker.

OK, I'm finished now :)*

* oops. (bet that's the first time an emoji's been subjected to a footnote)


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Funny how a speaker that was so loved in the 70s is so reviled now.
I usually don't revile something until I'm made to revile it by folks who insist that I love it or else I'm an idiot. And that's basically been my history with this speaker. I owned a pair, was extremely underwhelmed by them, and was made to feel I couldn't even suggest that they weren't amazing by the wonderful open minds of vintage online audio.

It's not that something can't have been great in its time. It's that it still has to be great and comparable to anything newer, regardless of 40 years of audio progress, or you're just some snob who thinks they're better because they spent more on something new. That attitude just tends to rub some people the wrong way. Or, at least, this person.
Funny how a speaker that was so loved in the 70s is so reviled now.
Lord knows that JBL sold a ton of L100s. And lots of folks love(d) their L100s. :)

Back in the early 1970s, I used to think that the Marantz Imperial 7 and the JBL L100 were it. The speakers I lusted to own. Actually had four Marantz Imperial 7s in my (very short lived) Quadrophonic system.

Then I listened to Altec A7s.

A very dear friend still has a pair of L100s as his main speakers and he loves them.

No longer my "cup of tea" but I am always happy to listen to music with my friend on his speakers.

Would I buy a pair? Nope.

Do I revile them? Nope.

They will appeal to some and won't appeal to others.

Nothing more than that.

Just my opinion. :)


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Not having heard this new set, I can’t have an opinion about them. Now having heard the studio monitor versions of the original L 100, I say they sounded good but not great (underwhelmed, I no longer own them..).
Growth is good. Some people get off early on the train ride and settle in on what’s good to their ears (be it L100’s), I am still looking for the set of speakers that does most things right with minimal trade offs.
There's the rub - the "minimal trade offs". ;)

I love big speakers but a lot of folks consider big speakers to be an unacceptable trade-off. Room, SAF, whatever the reason.