Splitter or switch box?


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My current preamp does not have a tape loop. What I would like to do is be able to split the output from my FM tuner with one pair of leads going to the preamp and the second set going the input of my tape deck. The purpose would be to make FM recordings.

What is the best way to accomplish this?
  1. Use a cable splitter?
  2. Use a switch box of some sort?
Are there any impedance issues with either solution?

I would just use a "Y" splitter cable and call it good. I've split line-level signal for many different reasons, and have never had an issue. Use 1M->2F. Plug in the Male at the tuner output, then run separate interconnects to the preamp and the recorder. In reality, this is all a tape loop does anyway. Unless it's a VERY special preamp, the tape output would not be buffered.
I would go for a box.....I have used Y splitters and every so often I have run into probles, which I can only attribute to changing the loading conditions of an input to something that is not acceptable. I have never found this problem when using a switcher box.


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Thanks both of you. A "Y" splitter is easy to find, but I have found fewer options for a switch box that has 1 in and 2 out. Apparently you can use the Sescom switch both directions and the Schiit Sys can be used backwards if you turn the volume knob to max.

Still pondering before I order something.


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I believe (This is faith-based engineering 🤭 -- the truly technical types here can confirm or refute):

1) a splitter will introduce a 3 dB loss (factor of two in signal)
2) a switch typically has an insertion loss of about 1 dB


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If either option has the specified insertion loss, I do not think either would cause a problem for me. What effect would the lower impedance have on the preamp?
Ive split RCAs numerous times (never split the same signal twice though) with either cable splitters or the “solid block” rca splitters (like monster, I believe AQ, and numerous others Im sure including generic). Not once have I encountered a problem.

As an FYI(this product works both directions), Ive been researching switch boxes/switchers recently as I plan to run two systems off the same sources.

Ive concluded this is THE ONE.

Show me competition by a different manufacturer. Especially competition that doesnt cost an arm and a leg. I could find nothing close in terms of quality.

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