Stereo gear in commercial


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Being a commercial-world person by trade, and being curious as to how such specific gear ends up in a commercial, I did a little digging. The agency that did the commercials is a few blocks from In Living Stereo in NYC, which is a big Leben dealer....and the Oswalds Mill showroom is on the Brooklyn waterfront just across the Brooklyn or Manhattan its possible somebody at the agency or the director or set stylist was exposed to it there. Though I doubt they'd fly it all the way to New Mexico and NM doesn't appear to have a OM dealer, if that is indeed New Mexico and not CA.


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There's also the distinct possibility that that gear was already in the house when then were location scouting, so they incorporated it.
Well, the commercial in question is someone cranking up music as he looks out over a canyon (because he's away from everyone and can do so), so I'm guessing the creative decided on the theme of the commercial and then made it so. Perhaps they contacted Oswald's Mill to see if anyone in the area they were scouting for the commercial had a set of speakers?