Still a slave to the score: Parasound P/LD-1500

John Frum

Secret Society Member
A decade ago, $300 at the pawn shop picked up a pair of Parasound HCA-1500A that I used to bi-amp Acoustic Research AR-9. I sold the whole system a year later to finance the move into the first house with my partner. But even now, I suspect the Parasound were the best solid state power amps I’ve yet owned.

So, this morning, when I saw the matching John Curl-designed P/LD-1500 Line Drive preamp for short money on Facebook, I pounced.

Am I deliberately moving my system towards 90s mid-fi? Er, no. But I stilI can’t seem to turn down a good deal, and at the moment, I’m not regretting this latest purchase one bit.

Anyway, here’s some pictures. Lookit them Black Gates and fancy Nichicons!


John Frum

Secret Society Member
What are you using for your phono stage?
I’ve got an almost-current Pro-Ject Phono Box S, and also the matching Pre Box S and DAC Box S USB.

Of those, the only one I can really recommend with any enthusiasm is the Phono Box S. Unless something better comes along (as sometimes happens), I won’t replace it until I build a tubed replacement.

My feeling is that the P/LD-1500 spanks the Pre Box S up and down the street, but this is hardly surprising.
The black late 80s-mid 90s look is my fave. The guts (especially quality and number of caps) suggest it sounds fantastic, enjoy!