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I have one in my room to try out. A friend bought 2 and found that one was sufficient. I had a lot of treatment in the room for a small room. Probably way too much. I removed everything but the corner traps at the ceiling. I have tried the Aperture in a few different spots and found what seems to be the right place for it. I am still puzzeled how it works. It cleans the sound up and make it more focused. I find that the room is livelier sounding without a lot of boom or flutter, especially at lower volume. I like that. They are not inexpensive but it could be just the thing for small rooms.



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Very very interesting. Stillpoints definitely seems to be focusing on subtleties that can really bring out the best in a system that's already really good. Like you, a friend recently shared a Stillpoints tweak with me – the LP Isolator. Compared to the stock VPI screw-on record clamp, this thing adds a bit of clarity, punch and focus, cleaning up the high frequencies in a way that tilts the overall balance upwards slightly. On about 80% of my records, it's an improvement, bringing more of a "you are there" quality to the listening experience. For the other 20%, meaning inherently bright pressings, these same changes create too much of a good thing. But then, I'm quite (and increasingly) sensitive to listening fatigue.

Note that despite its 1.5 lb weight, this is not a solid block of steel. It has little machined compartments on the underside that contain magic ceramic balls to absorb and dissipate vibration coming off the LP itself. I've also heard on good authority that these are crafted by elves in a hollow tree...


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I have a pair of older, large, Stillpoints panels. They're quite different looking. At first glance they look to be wood panels but when you get close you can see they're perforated all over on both sides with little holes. I'm not sure what's inside, I'm assuming some sort of foam or rock wool or something? I acquired them cheaply after a chance run-in with the owner of Stillpoints and have used them off and on over the better part of a decade in various rooms. Sadly I can't say a whole lot about their efficacy as when I've used them, its been in conjunction with a lot of other room treatments put up at the same time. Carpets. Bookshelves. Thick curtains. But they've played their part, looked great, and were part of at least two of the better sounding rooms I've ever set up stereos in.