Sub $500 Bookshelf Speaker for Near-field Listening

Hi Joe, looks great; similar to my own desktop setup, but much tidier. I have Mackie active monitors; they boast about their flat response, and they certainly play that way. Colourisation is avoided but enough bass gets through when watching clips on my computer. I'm sure your SVS speakers are a lot better; they're a great brand. When I want to make my ears bleed, I use the main system — your looks great. All the best with it.


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Hey Andy, thanks for the input. I actually changed my mind on active speakers after much consideration. I bought a pair of SVS Prime Wireless active speakers and couldn't be happier. I decided for desktop use they offered outstanding value and the best option for decluttering my desk.

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Nice and tidy. No one could ever claim that my desk is uncluttered...
Good call on going active - getting some JBL LSR305's on my desk was the best move I ever made for desktop sound. They are simply untouchable at the price point (under $200/pr).