Suggestions for turntable based system

I’m all over the place with this one but I’ll be moving in a couple months and want to setup a turntable system in new living room. This will be a secondary system. I’ll have a room dedicated to my main SET tube audio system.

i’d like the living room system to be simple so a solid state integrated with great phono section. I’ve contemplate the Yamaha A-S801 but read it’s very clean neutral and tad clinical. Knowing I love the SET tube sound the Yamaha may not work.

I’d like it to double as 2-channel for TV watching, but main purpose would be turntable is a open living room.

speaker choices need to be made as well. I’d like to get the integrated and speakers both for under $1500 new/used.

let’s start the recommendations!
I run an old Yamaha RX-V420 receiver/amp in a near-field setup, so my comments are in that context, and am assuming your living room isn't huge or cathedral ceilinged. Like many older amps, my 420 has a treble/bass adjuster on the front panel and I tweak the treble down a tad to get rid of the definitely present clinical 'edge'. Haven't heard an S801 so can't comment directly. I'm an extreme bass enthusiast so that idea mightn't be relevant for you, but still possibly worth considering. Personally I prefer multiple large vintage speakers: three-ways, minimum 60W, better with 100W — so they can just cruise; supported by a decent but not OTT sub. Can't stand the little tissue-box sized things that seem to be all the go nowadays, most of 'em suitable as computer desk speakers at best. Still think good sound is about the physics of moving air, no matter how good latter-day speaker technology might be. (Yep: Im oversimplifying!) All the best with your new setup.


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At my old house, my main system was also in my living room. I scoured marketplace etc.. for "deals" and ended up with a good set of separates for peanuts. Same for speakers, sub etc... That was the best 700 dollar system I ever heard.

I never sat and really listened to that system, so I would just shop for the best "bang for the buck" used and see what was available. Don't overthink it, if it's not your main rig. IMO


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If it were me, I already owned the Yamaha and didn't have a spot it was wedded to I'd give it a try first before going hunting. If it doesn't do what you want then start looking for alternatives.
Couldn't agree more. It's always worth a pause for thought to avoid overspending, and take at least a little time to pause and evaluate stuff you already have: you may well discover it fits your needs, if not perfectly (impossible) but close to it or at least adequately.
SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase. $500. Used Phono Pre for $200. Leaves $800 for used speakers. I can't imagine you don't already have an idea of some good stand mount speakers that would fill the bill! Lots of options for inputs and flexibility of using an app.
Well I will add my piece ( of course you can read , or listen think and reject if you want )I will look at the turntable .....I have had satisfaction on three or four fronts......I love my Linn Basik/Akito2 ....which can be had for not a lot in the correct parts of the world. Set it up on a big solid support and adjust well and you can be satisfied for a long time.... Another area for me was a Technics SL D303....these are not quite a SL 1200 but if tweeked a bit can sound just great ......My outsider is a Philips GA 212 found this for 5Euros ....cleaned the old belt muck off , carefully cleaned and serviced it sounds great is not quite a Thorns or LinnLP 12 but well does it perform well and it cost peanuts ....