Tagging Needle-drops before import to Roon?


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I have a few needle drops that I want to import into Roon. Since it is music I already have digitally I want to make sure I have a way to differentiate the files once I add them.

Is there a way to tag the files as needle drops before pointing Roon towards them?

@Rudy I seem to remember you talking about this once, but maybe not at this forum?


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Is there a way to tag the files as needle drops before pointing Roon towards them?
I don't use Roon however any good tagging program will do if you wish to rename them upfront before Roon imports them. I use Kid3 to differentiate SACD rips from existing Redbook versions of the same album (look for the version you need under "Downloads").

I remember a friend of mine a couple of years ago needed to search high and low in the settings in order to get Roon to use his carefully created metadata however.
Is there a way to tag the files as needle drops before pointing Roon towards them?
Roon seems to pick up additional information from the path or filename.


In the Album Editor, you can see where I originally added [LP] and [24-96] to the album title when I tagged it in a program called MP3Tag (the unticked version of the title shown below), which Roon overrides with its own metadata:


However, if I go to an individual track and look at File Info, you can also see how I named the directory (folder) I put the album in, and that's where I see that Roon got Soundtrack, AP, LP, 24-96.


AP is for Analogue Productions, LP is the source, and 24-96 my code for bit depth and sampling rate. If I had both the 33⅓ and 45 RPM versions, I'd probably tag this one as LP45.

I believe one of Roon's settings needs to be enabled to show additional/extra information...I'll have to look it up when I'm back here later.


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That's old Roon. In new Roon it's buried. I have to tell it to use the file for album title otherwise you have to open the album to see what it is, and that only tells you sometimes.

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That's lame as hell if they dumped that info. Yeah, I forgot about that. I will not be upgrading to 1.8 until they fix their poor user interface. Which of course won't happen since 1) they obviously don't have UI/UX experts on staff and 2) they never take user feedback until after they release something and let their forum be buried in complaints, like it is now.

They're almost as bad as that trainwreck Audirvana now... 🙄


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Awesomeness. Now I just need to figure out why my third version doesn't show up at all.

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@JP Does it show up if you click on versions?

I know when I made the Qobuz 24/192 version my primary version, I no longer saw the CD ripped version on the Kenny Burell Artist Page.

But, I do see it and can pick it when I click on Versions.

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No it doesn't show up at all, and it doesn't show in skipped files either. Haven't even looked at it yet - just discovered it today.
But, I do see it and can pick it when I click on Versions.
I had a really weird situation with a title two days ago, and still can't figure out the (broken) logic.

Trying to find this one, since it came up on one of my forums:


So, no luck finding it via Roon through multiple search attempts--artists, titles, albums, even a few individual tracks...nothing. Tried Google and found a couple of hits, and finally dug down far enough and saw a result for Qobuz, but in Spain. So I thought maybe it wasn't licensed for the US in Qobuz. I followed it, then wiped out the connection to Spain (knocking it to the US site, in other words), and it's clearly listed. I open it up via the app and yep, it's there. Since I couldn't find it in Roon, I had to "favorite" the album in the Qobuz app, and that made it appear in Roon under the Recent/Added list (same as Qobuz playlists that show up in Roon). Additional weirdness below.

Anyways, I discovered something later in the day. Turns out somehow, Roon buried it under the original Dance Moderno album:


The "Revisited" version is a remix, and a really poorly done remix at that--the original album was recorded in Brazil, and released in Mono on the Philips label about 60 years ago. The remix basically shoves the original recording so far into the mix that you can hear Sergio's muffled piano, and not much else. So it's not so much a remix as re-recording over the top of the original.

It really should be under the Brazilian Love Affair Project as an artist or album artist. I've changed that

The additional weirdness is that if you add a Qobuz album to your library, it favorites the album in Qobuz. The opposite isn't true, though--if you favorite the album in Qobuz, it does not add to the library in Roon...yet it still shows up on the Recent/Added page. If I go to the Versions page above, I can click on that album and it offers me the option to add it to the library. Yet if I pick the version from the Recent/Added page, it appears to be in the library already (the button says "Focus On Similar"), and I was able to edit the album artist to fix the problem.

So Roon really hasn't made up its mind if this one is in my library or not...
BTW, that brings to mind another pet peeve.


Look at the pathname for the top album--it's Swinger from Brazil. My mistake naming it--the title really is The Swinger from Rio, but that's not the point. Swinger was the album as released in the US on the Atlantic label (produced by Nesuhi Ertegun), with a few of the song titles Americanized; Bossa Nova York was the same album but released on Brazil's Elenco label. Here, Roon "forces" the album art and album title to be the same. They are two different CDs, two different masterings (Swinger is in stereo, where this CD of BNY is mono). Yet another issue I have to deal with due to the polluted metadata Roon is retrieving.

BTW, this features Hubert Laws, Art Farmer, Phil Woods and Antonio Carlos Jobim.
A bunch of pre-emptive worrying over nothing.
My "issues"? They're frustrating, since to find the exact release I want, Roon lumps them together and I have to manually sort through them to straighten them out.

I had that again this afternoon, finishing up an article on Henry Mancini. The label Intrada had been unearthing the original recordings from the film soundtracks, as opposed to the music we've heard on the soundtrack LPs which were arrangement written specifically for album sales. I caught Roon lumping, say, the RCA music album with the Intrada film music, which isn't correct since the performances are completely different, as are the running order and the number of tracks. Many of the same song titles? Sure. Among a dozen others that are musical cues.

And really, I can't blame Roon so much as I can the poor quality metadata that so many albums have in my collection--I'm constantly fixing errors. It's not as bad as the days of the freedb.org database (quite possibly the worst crowdsourced metadata service that ever existed), but is it too much to ask to keep Dr. Lonnie Smith and Lonnie Liston Smith away from each other? (Granted, even record stores were putting their albums together, back in the day.)

It's almost as though Roon makes assumptions that are based on questionable metadata they pull in, and the two are compounding each other. At least Roon gives me a way to correct it, and also has a good means to fix other discovery issues. (Just now? The landmark album Harlem River Drive from 1971 that features brothers Eddie and Charlie Palmieri needed a little "nudge," and I added both their names as "primary artists" in Roon so they'd show up in listings for ether Eddie or Charlie.)

It's like an oddball relative--you kind of learn their "ways" after having spent some time with them...


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@Rudy I hope you didn't take my comment wrong.

I should have said that the Needledrops I have were fully tagged as vinyl. Thus, I was worrying about Roon confusing files and it didn't confuse anything.

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