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Multiply that x tiny tot=adorable. The math doesn’t lie!;)
It also sounds like something you can power with a flea watt amplifier.
Edit: I misread your original post. I guess I’ll skip picking those up.
Is this mike on?.......tough crowd.....
Ok how about JBL L100’s? No I’m not a raving fan of them, though they look kinda cool. I was told that they were in many homes in their prime and are sometimes called the most iconic speaker of all time.
Just a side note: That list (and linked article) are from 2010. The current TAS issue (FALL 2019 "Special Issue" - arrived here two days ago) has an updated article: "The 15 Most Significant Loudspeakers of All Time" and includes:
15. The Advent Loudspeaker
14. Klipschorn
13. Infinity IRS V
12. MBL 101 E
11. Wilson Benesch A.C.T. One
10. Meridian 600
9. KEF Reference 105
8. MartinLogan CLS
7. KLH Model Nine
6. Vandersteen Model 2
5. Magnepan Tympani 1-U/1-D
4. Wilson Audio Tiny Tot (WATT)
3. Rogers/BBC LS3/5A
2. Acoustic Research AR3A
1. Quad ESL-57

I've owned none of these.
That Altec/Lansing "Duplex" thing should have been included, imho.
Oh good -- another greatest hits list! At least they weren't talking about something really important and controversial ( like rock guitarists ???). :eek:


Well, anyone who wouldn’t include Duane Allman and Django Reinhardt is a fool ... oh, wait ...

I don’t see how you could include the KEF 105s and not include the KEF 104.2s. I believe the 105s were the first KEF model to make use of computer digital analysis in the design of their speakers and the later 105.3 were the first of the KEF Reference Series to use their Uni-Q technology. But the 105s took some of their overall design from the 104.2s, which I believe has been KEF’s most popular speaker. Simply put, no 104.2, no 105.3.

Extending that logic, the Spendor BC1s should be considered as well.
More importantly, why you own a set. I believe the pair you heard must have made a "significant" impression. :)
Absolutely! Fortunately (or unfortunately for the sad souls) most people will not get a chance to hear a set of duplexes or they’d drive up demand and cause them to be ridiculously expensive (not that they are cheap now). To think something nearly 60yrs old sounds this darn good. It’s a testament to their legacy.