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I noticed that we have a new member here - Devine Audio who's name tweaked my (unreliable) memory, and it appears that is because I briefly spent some time in the Devine Audio room at TAVES this year.

I see that Noam has reviewed their products on wallofsound.ca and had been quite impressed with them which makes me sad to say that I didn't have a decent listen to their speakers at the show. I remember thinking these are certainly unique, beautifully made and something I should return to listen too when the room is less crowded, but time ran out for me that day.

Now that I've read Noam's reviews and see that they have a 92db efficient coaxial as well as the 98db efficient/SET tube friendly ‘statement' speaker I was looking at I'm especially sorry I didn't get back! I'd love to hear more on these and hope to someday spend some time listening I love co-axial designs and the big guys might just be a great option for the flea-watt SET amps I love so much. There are not many options for these low power amps and speakers of unique design that look this nice and have a chance of fitting into regular sized rooms (and decors) are extremely interesting to me.

I apologize for just linking to pictures from the Devine Audio site here I never got a chance to take any in that room at the show and they would have only been phone pics anyway. :)

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Great speakers. Thanks for reading the reviews, Bill. I think this year the room and ancillary gear must have really come together for them. The comments on the forums have been really positive. p.s. this is actually my basement in the pics. :D
The Reference Monitors look really interesting.

Coaxial speakers that are SET friendly really pique my curiosity. :)