Technics & Value Electronics present an advance preview of Reference Class Turntables

We're finalizing the details of Technics SP10R/SL1000 launch party at Value Electronics for Saturday, May 19th from 11am - 4pm.

Get ready for a few nice surprises and some serious critical listening entrainment. We have a nice selection of records, but bring your vinyl if you like.

Here's the list of supporting equipment that will be showcased on our SL-1000 demonstration at our May 19th Technics SP-10R/SL-1000 Launch Party.

Technics SL-1000

Windfeld Ti MC Cartridge

Head Shell:
Ortofon LH6000

Phono stage:
Lehmann Silver Cube

Power Amplifier:
Technics Reference SE-R1 Power Amplifier

Technics Reference SB-R1 Floor Standing Tower Speakers

Stand by for the list of interconnects and cables.

Look forward to seeing many Hi Fi Haven folks at this event!
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Our SP-10R/SL1000R launch party is open to the public. Date, Saturday, May 19th 12 noon - 5PM.

I'd like to have a head count so we buy enough food and beverages and can accommodate everyone comfortably. Hope you can join us!
JP, you should stop by when your time permits and all others are welcome for a sneak preview.

The big live demo event is set for 12 noon - 5pm Saturday, May 19th, but sneak previews of just the SP-10R are available now!