Temaad Merlin Magnesium Tonearm 12" Uni-Pivot, Pickup Arm

EX-Demo unit, We did a trial a couple of these arm's last year, comparing it to our standard carbon fibre & titanium arm tubes.

This is a very, very good sounding arm, say about 98% as good as our $3000 Merlin titanium arm when both are fitted with VDH wire and for some people it may be just about the perfect arm. Comes with Stainless Steel Arm Post.

This is the review from the sale of the 1st arm late last year. The buyer purchase it as a 2nd arm to run a Mono cart.

BruceB - ''So I can’t say definitely why because I’ve never had a Mayajima mono cartridge, but there is something that sounds very “right” about playing my old mono jazz and classical records with your Temaad Magnesium arm & the Mayajima. The horns have a bite and an “in the room” presence that I don’t get from my ZYX Optimum (US$17,000) & Moech 8 (US$6,000). It sounds like music & that's just about as good as it gets.''

Gold plated RCA outs. The arm will be wired with propitiatory silver tone are wire, which we believe is about 85% as good as our top of the line VDH wire.
Can we wired with VDH for an extra US$150.
The Effective Mass is 18 grams & unit comes with our Stainless steel arm post. If required, a higher Eff Mass can be obtained by changing out the Head Shell for a heavier on that is available from our range. So you can change to an 18 of 23 gram arm on request.

Arm Pod to mount the arm is available separately, ask for details

Price GBP 480.00 - Shipping from GBP 22 untacked or GBP 60 tracked, post worldwide

Arm parameters

-Effective length 305 mm,

-Mounting distance 290 mm

-Suggested Overhang 13.2 mm

-Offset angle 17 deg's

-Effective mass 18 grams (optional 23 grams with heavy Head shells)​

Check out further reviews on Temaad arms at our website


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"Price GBP 480.00 - Shipping from GBP 22 untacked or GBP 60 tracked, post worldwide"
That does look very nice. I would consider buying it myself if I wasn't already satisfied with my present stable--Triplanar VII and a 12" Siggwan.