Text feature toggle not working on my phone


Just Call Me Junior
Hey all,

Recently (the last few weeks), I've lost the ability to use any text features. Before I could toggle the feature window on or off, but now it's off, and I have found no way to turn it on. I use Chrome and a Samsung S8 (android).

Any pointers?


P.S.: everything works as it should with my PC.
Gotcha. 👍 My gut instinct says that you might have somehow tapped the BB Code toggle button:

If you can't find it in your narrower mobile view, that menu collapses next to the preview button. Tap this:


...to expand the menu:


And tap the BB Code toggle there. That should bring back your text editor buttons.

If not, post again and we'll see what's up!
No problem! It's happened to me a few times myself...and I actually work on this forum software as part of my day job! 😁