The best Accident Report ever!


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this advert always gets my trigger finger twitching!
This one makes me think of a comic I saw years ago. I think it may have been Mother Goose and Grimm, but not certain and it doesn't matter. Mother Squirrel tells child squirrel "make sure to run both ways before you cross the street."


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In my state of PA hunters can only get one buck a year.
When it comes to automobiles I don't think there is a limit.
That happened to me once. The doe would NOT take no for an answer. I think she thought my car was a predatory big cat.
I tried to swerve but she faced me and stayed in front. I hit her at 75 miles per hour. Took out all the lights on the passenger side front of my SHO Taurus. Horrible sound. Ever since then I WANT to hit them. Where I have moved to they are all over. I hate them. Normally I am more of a tree hugger. And by the way, I don't like squirrels either. Too many infesting my oak trees at my new digs.


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I still like them even though I managed to come upon a trio of them on the interstate humming along at 75 mph early one morning on my way to a splendid vacation.....Hit two of them center on in my 2003 Ford Expedition. Not good, over 8 grands worth of damage, could have been worse. The Expedition was still driveable which was a good thing, at least I got where I needed to go. Not such a good start to vacation however.
That happened to me once...
The intro to your post read.... "That happended to me once..."
I confess that I read this post of yours immediately after watching the poor squirrel with his nutz caught between the horizontal palings of a fence... LOL!
Not an intentional sequence on your part I'm sure, but you certainly got a howl at my end.
As they say, timing is everything!
Well when I hit that doe at 75 mph I had had enough time to wonder if I was going to be one of those folks seriously injured or killed by colliding with a deer.

I also moved about three years ago and our new digs are infested with BOTH deer and squirrels and I am thinking of getting a repeating CO2 rifle or pistol to discourage them.