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The Best of Lloyds, York, etc

I had this exact Zenith all inclusive bad ass stereo back in the late 70's. It was my first stereo after graduating up from the big wooden console stereo. I think it had the Allegro 3000 speakers. For what it was, it sounded quite good back then. (not my picture) It was bought at the local tire dealership that also sold Zenith TV's and stereos. Gotta love it. They are still in the tire business today with multiple locations.

Long ago, I sold Lloyd's, Yorx and SoundDesign AM/FM/turntable or AM/FM/8-track (that's how long ago it was) units (with speakers). Personally, I think they're garbage. The place I worked had a free replacement policy for the length of the warranty, which on that stuff, was 90 days. We got about 1 back for every 4 we sold. SoundDesign was the best; Yorx, the worst. They were made ultra-cheaply with bad components, lousy circuit design and the very-low-end BSR turntables, many of which died shortly after the warranty period was over. There are far better ways to get into vintage audio than these brands, unless you want to use them as a static art piece.