The Degritter Thread


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Maybe a use of "The" is a little presumptuous. So maybe substitute an"A" if it bothers you.

Anyway, the unit arrived from Estonia on Thursday after being shipped last Friday. UPS did an excellent job especially getting the unit through customs. I'v cleaned about six records between yesterday and this morning with what I believe are good results. Currently using the "Heavy" cleaning program which is about 8 minutes of cleaning and 3:30 of drying. Records are coming out spotless and dry except for a single drop of water left in the run-out track on one or two. I'm going to increase the drying time another 30 seconds and see. If not perfect then a q-tip or similar will fix that.

I am starting with 2ml of the manufacturer's cleaning solution which I believe is anionic. Taniel said adding a little alcohol would be safe so I might try that. Records are as quiet as expected. One additional thing I am enjoying is that I can listen while the thing is doing it's job in the furnace room. Plop in a record, hit start and I can go do something else!