"The F.N.G. needs help....go figure !!!!"

Hey y'all. Glad to be here checking out the site but I'm on a mission. Hopefully the rumors are true and someone can help bail me out of my " Just throw it away" situation that I just can't quit on.... I aquired a free Cambridge Soundworks Model 88 a few months prior that, upon first inspection, appeared to be fully assembled and in great condition. Only squawk was the missing remote. Upon setting it up and powering on I discovered that only the FM/AM tuner would operate and only through the two main speakers. The Subwoofer, AUX IN, and CD channels are inop, which coincidentally is everything mounted on the rear input/sub adj. panel. I can get audio output to the front headset jack when I connect a set. I split the cases and found every identical 2 pin connector was seperated from any circuit board, except the large two-wire transformer connector. Someone was either installing or repairing the AM radio antenna as it is a pretty poor installation that doesn't even look like it belongs inside the chassis. I'm a +30 year aircraft mechanic/avionics tech/inspector but my experience with component inputs and outputs at this level is limited. I ignored my initial reaction to start hooking up connectors until everything started working. My thoughts being that it was apart for a reason. Something may be defective that might take something else out and I'd never know. I'm having a hard time trying to find anything from CSW regarding any service manuals, wiring diagrams, or troubleshooting trees. Hell, I'd love to have someone on this site have a few pics of the internals just to get me going in the right direction. The two boards are labeled and every location for a connector is identified with 'J-#' so any info on 'wire color-to-junction J#' would work too. It would've been nice if every connector was unique for a fool-proof reassembly but, I probably wouldn't have gotten such a good deal on it if everything worked as advertised. I've heard good things on these table radios and would hate to hurt it more than it might be already by blindly rolling the dice and trying my luck without some kind of reference material. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Sorry so long and drawn out but I wanted to include everything I'm aware of. Y'all have a good one........Craig


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