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John Frum

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Train keeps a-rollin’. My 12AU7A bucket runneth over.

Behold, the homeliest Electrohome!


Believe it or not, that’s the best angle. I’ll spare you a shot from the back, as it’s narrowly the nastiest console I’ve laid into. Neither the 6GW8 push-pull receiver nor the Garrard Type A are salvageable. I’ll pull the Jensen 12” woofers and transformers tomorrow... after I’ve picked up a Robertson screwdriver. 😒

In the meantime, I’ve relieved the E-home of the knobs, 16 tubes (mostly European), and a Garrard headshell with GE VR-1000 cart. I’m particularly excited about fitting the VR-1000 into an upcoming project, and hope to get one of the pending “labor of love” stylus assemblies from the ranking expert.

Not bad for $20 and the cost of a screwdriver I’ll never use again!
I've felt somewhat guilty about buying anything audio related during our COVID times, but there were some interesting things along the way pickup up and worth sharing.

In late April I saw a post on FB Marketplace for a hoard of electronics equipment. Nothing more descriptive than that. When I met up with the seller, I found out he was a junker who'd been hired to clear a house out and had been told that what he'd hauled out wasn't junk. Really great dude, but he didn't know much about what he had. The house he'd cleared out contained the collection deceased 90 year-old engineer who'd spent his career at Collins & T.I. As things were discarded at the office, he'd brought them home. I brought home two pieces of Signal Corp transmitting equipment and some tubes. Pulled the transformers for future builds.

Have a little Stancor and GTC transformer stash now.


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The second little haul came from a local ad for misc. electronics parts. The rule set for this caught my attention more than anything else: look but don't touch. That is to say that the footlocker was so tightly packed that the seller didn't want anyone digging through for fear they might back out and he'd be left with a mess he'd have to figure out how to pack up.

Meeting up with the seller I heard of how he (a retired Air Force officer) had helped a little lady from his church work through her deceased husband's (an Air Force Colonel) old ham radio parts collection. For $80, I was willing to put aside my desire to know what was in the box and just go with the flow.

Haven't worked to put dollar amounts on everything in it, but I done alright; NOS Amphenol octal tube sockets, E.F. Johnson Ceramic tube sockets, IRC wirewound resistors (still test at 1%!!!), IRC CC resistors, a hoard of PIO & wax capacitors, mallory & allen-bradley pots - and some really cool switches.

Cool way to sate my curiosity.


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