The Great American Archeology Photo Thread.

This is an old grain bin, in the middle of Kansas. I've been meaning to shoot this place for some time, in the morning light, and finally got the opportunity to a few weeks ago. Shot with a Sony NEX-5R, kit lens, tweakified in Raw Therapee.


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The first pic is looking North from the South end along what was the firing line of the archery range at Sand Point Naval Air Station. 2nd pic is looking East from the middle of the line at what used to be the range itself. The air station was surplussed in the late 1970's, and the City of Seattle bought it and turned it into a large public park. With no archery range.

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The Maul of America in DC. A bit battered and run down, doesn’t hold a candle to past glory and known primarily now for its Exit signs and revolving door.

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