The Prodigal Snell JIII's


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A story of serendipity. I had just finished reading @je2a3's latest blog post about his adventure starting out with Snell JIII's and it made me think about the pair I had for a short time when I was... more novice, than I am now in the audio hobby. Within a couple days of that, a friend texted me. It was the friend that I had sold my pair of Snell JIII's to a few years back. He and his wife had been using them in their home office. He changed jobs and is 100% working from home now. This lead him to rework his home office and he went to some small active monitors on his desk. He reached out to see if I was interested in buying the Snell's back. I didn't sell them for a whole lot back then, and we agreed on a price that was less than what I sold them for. He delivered them the other night (I bribed him bringing them over in trade for an evening of cocktails and record spins with some other friends.)

This pair is a bit unique. They were freshly refoamed when I bought them from a seller on another forum years ago, but they were a kinda ugly red oak finish (I mean, IMO ugly even for red oak) and they needed a little love. I repainted the fronts and backs black, and with the help of a friend I re-venerred them in some walnut. They were a good first attempt at veneering since they only needed it on the tops and sides. Of course, I haven't venerred anything since. They turned out nice. They are in the same condition now as when I sold them... which is an easy 8.5+ / 10. Sequential serial numbers. All stock other than the cosmetic restorations.

I need to figure out some stands... but I'm excited to try them again. I had a little sellers remorse in the past and I never really gave them a shake back then. I don't even know what electronics I had at the time, but no doubt my current selection of upstream components is vastly superior.

Here is a few pics I snapped. I need to oil them up again.

More to come.

- Woody