The Space Age Bachelor Pad Music Thread

Here's another one that's space-aged loungey, led by Laurindo Almeida.


It takes a lot of popular melodies of the day and runs them through the Latin percussion and West Coast jazzer machine. Like typical Capitol albums of the day, you won't find much of anything beyond three minutes here, and solos are usually eight bars and traded off between the participants.

This one and the follow-up album (below) are two relics I grew up with and naturally replaced with newer stereo copies.


I didn't realize until I found these two above records that a third one existed:


By this third album the gas is kind of running out of the concept--it's still a nice listen but it sounds a little tired compared to the others. Like the other two, I found a really nice copy of this back in the 90s.

There used to be a compilation CD which contained the first two albums and half a dozen tracks from Bossa Nova World.