Thinking of building some Electro Voice Regency cabinets...

I've got a line on a pair of big ugly carpet boxes that were built in 1996 that house EV drivers; EVM 15B woofers and most likely 8HD/1824 horn/mid and T35 tweeters. They have some decent looking crossovers in them along with L-pads for the mid and tweeter. Owners say they were built for, and used at, a Wal Mart warehouse in NW Arkansas. The cost is fairly cheap overall. I don't need more's more wanting to piddle with something while I'm still agile enough mentally and physically to build some crap. Kind of like my Belle clones I make a couple years back, I guess you could say.

The EV Regency cabinets seem to come in a couple of iterations and one is called a folded horn. But, not a folded horn like how my Belles are...or La Scala's, Klipschorns, etc., as you can't see the woofer in those. The woofers are visible on the front baffle.

Just curious if anyone had any dealings with the Regency design before.
The picture was taken in a tiny bedroom converted to an “office”. The 3 speakers on the upper shelf are all Jensen Imperials. The 2 outward speakers are CRJ-52 (loaded with JHP-52 15” coaxial drivers). If unloaded, the cabinets are type CA-15. The middle unit is a late 1940’s Type D cabinet that I bought new in the box. I’ll never find another one so decided to display it rather than store it in the basement. The JHP-52 sound fine but I’ve only got 2 ears – and too many speakers – so they were mounted up top too. They’re un-restored (except grill cloth) but it took a lot of patience to find a pair in nice shape. It also took a bit of patience to get the pair of E-V Regency III that no one has interest in anymore!