Thorens TD124 MKI with Ortofon RMG-212 and SPU G

charles hidalgo

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This has been sitting for quite sometime partially restored and it’s all done for now sounding amazing. A new plinth is next but it is singing nicely with its STS upgrades including a rewired and serviced Ortofon RMG-212 tonearm, and a new idler wheel from AudioSilente, An MK2 conversion kit with the Hanze Hi-Fi Motor Spring Suspension kit is also installed. In this conversion, the 3 motor suspension mount studs of the MK1 motor, are replaced with longer motor suspension studs to give more motor suspension travel as well as allowing installation of the Hanze HiFi motor spring suspension system which reduces motor noise into the chassis by -16db over the standard double polymer bushing design which is still installed on most TD124’s. SPH copper mat copper record stabilizer, and Waynes outer ring round things out.778CFFDA-A62D-43C4-930F-620F82EC80B8.jpeg


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That is a beautiful deck. While I have yet to be tempted by the siren call of idler tables, I do appreciate the aesthetic appeal. The fact that quite a few of you guys revere this deck and go through such marvelous labors to get them this way speaks volumes. Enjoy it in excellent health bud!


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Been many years since I owned mine but can clearly remember how good the 124 sounded!!! GLWS!!!