Tidal Connect


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Recently Tidal has announced the availability of it's "Connect" feature - said to emulate the same feature that has been available on Spotify for years now.

I thought this announcement was a positive thing, however so far I can't emulate what I did in the past with Spotify Connect.

Back when I had a Spotify Premium membership, I could start the day listening to the tinny output of my smartphone, while Smudge the cat and I did our morning stretch routine. Then proceed downstairs and direct the stream to the Mac Mini in the living room system, to listen conventionally. Option: Head to the deck and direct the stream to the smart speaker.

Yesterday's trial (with updated Tidal installs) did not allow me to stream from the phone to the living room system. I will revisit this again, but so far the functionality does not seem to be on a par with Spotify.


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Interesting if they figure it out. I like the fact that on Spotify I can use their app while playing through the BluOs system..instead of using the BluOs interface which is inferior in every way. My BluOs Vault comes up as a destination in Spotify. I have long wished that Tidal would implement something similar..because I really don't love the BluOs app. When I have a moment I'll do some experimenting with it.