Tim’s toys for sale. Updated 5/22

Near mint Tandberg TR-2080, their top offering at the time. This one has been with me for 22 years, recently it was completely gone over. 2 Output transistors, diff pair, most of the capacitors, the tuner power supply and oscillator resistor, all proper lamps and more were attended to. The case side mount points (the brittle plastic ones) are replaced with new billet aluminum ones which will never crack. The case and grille are as good as can be, and sport their original finish. All controls were de-ox’ed at the end for quiet operation.
**Big note, this is a varactor tuner, your AC line must provide the needed 115-120v. Too low and the circuit does not get it’s needed 25v and the tuner section will act badly.**
I believe it’s the best one out there. $1k.
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Make offer on Pioneer/TAD TZ-9 LTD. I have two sets, would like to sell one. Also have a coast to coast delivery guy with great rates for near white glove service.


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Tandberg TCD-330. New belts and a full re-cap. All boards resoldered where pin mounts are used. New lamps and a full fader lube treatment. Heads just cleaned and demagnetized, and a full transport lube. It sounds better than any 330 I’ve ever heard. $375.

Accuphase T-100. Brilliant AM/FM tuner. A work of art and built better than any. About 33 pounds! All de-oxed and the tuner vanes cleaned with residue free tuner cleaner. No mods no repairs, it’s a survivor minus the lamps. Appears as near mint. With quality aftermarket cord. $800

Yamaha CT-7000B. Will be fully restored, is a very rare unit. There will be none finer when done. $1,350.

Marantz CD-94/CDA94L DAC and CD player. This is the really rare set, the gold plate constructed ones on a cast aluminum chassis. DAC based on the TDA1541A twin chipset. The best 16 bit there is. Absolutely no sugar added and no emphasis on anything. Pure as can be. The gold DAC is 100v, it wasn’t sold here in this configuration (I don’t think) the CD player is 120v.
Also the DAC is the ‘A’ chip variant, N.A. models have the ‘1541’. The 100v also has the much improved large toroidal main power supply and two larger EI transformers for ancillary power. Again not in the N.A. model. $3,000. Collector worthy set.
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Two of my favourite tuners there! My T-100 is really the finest-sounding tuner I've heard and it has great sensitivity etc. stock.
Ask about Sony CDP-X7esD in 100v with real wood sides from the factory and a pair of Goldmund Mimesis 3 Amplifiers if you wish. Maybe a super rare Onkyo Integra C-2001 in 120v and a Jeff Rowland modified Sony CDP-707esD.
Spectral amp checked up with new RCA’s, four small caps and a full re solder and check. It’s really good to go now with the pre.