Tim’s toys for sale. Updated 7/3. Thorens TD-124 (lower $) and C7 preamp added

Thorens TD-124 with a SME 3009/2i. The tonearm was serviced and rewired with Cardas a couple years ago.

The TT itself had a near full restoration at the same time, all new rubber and all physical pivot points and bearings fully cleaned and relubed.

the plinth is a heavy multi-layer affair, recently painted by an automotive shop in a semi gloss black. The color and sheen looks age appropriate.

It has a custom made acrylic dust cover.

the black thingy on the left back is the remains of a dust bug. As I feel it’s part of the history, I left it.

Shipping would be complex, try to pick it up.

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How about this?
The finest out of the Japanese ultras era. This one is darn near perfect, minus a few ‘pop’ nicks on the top. The face is unmarred.
Has enough inputs for a host of toys. Note phono is MM only, but it’s a helluva stage. Get a hi output coil (OC9) or a Shure V-15 type V MR and never look back.
Some of the most perfectionist(ic) engineering ever in an audio complement. 0.1 ohm input impedance!
Heavy at 70 pounds. 100v
Good ones now $9g, open market. This good one for $7500.

Or pay $40k plus for a Souloution, which will not match this.