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Must be something to do with the original release being on Opal Records, and somehow there is a streaming license agreement between Opal Records and Tidal for the Canadian market, but not the U.S. market.

Subsequent Lanois albums were Warner Music releases which are licensed in the U.S. market, but apparently Opal Records has no such deal, or maybe at one time did and it wasn't renewed for one reason or another.
There would surely be redbook files available for this title. I stumble across this from time to time, these AAC releases. Maybe they were obliged to allow Tidal to distribute for some reason; and in compliance they provided these lower quality files.

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Heard this morning on Radio Paradise and was intrigued enough add their discography to my library. Enough twang to put here.Screenshot_20230111-152807.png


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I got to see Dave Alvin Thursday night.
Really excellent show. One of the highlights was the drummer, a woman from Dripping Springs Texas. I wouldn't normal go gaga over a drum solo, ( usually drawn out and semi boring ) but throughout the show Lucy and I a had comments about how good she was.
Near the end she pulled off an amazing solo that got a standing ovation.
The rest of the band was just as good and totally in sync for a great show.

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Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful are a local (YPSILANTI MI) folk/rock/alt group that I have seen and enjoyed many times at Michigan Music Festivals, Ann Arbor's Summer Celebration, local establishments, etc.

They have a lovely new album out. Their music, writing, and production are all top-notch.

Live, they are tighter than many of the national touring groups I have heard and it really comes across on this record.

Have a listen.


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