Today's Hard-To-Classify Playlist


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"Because he couldn't think of what to call his unique, highly intricate, harmonically advanced hybrid of acoustic bluegrass, folk, and jazz without leaning toward one idiom or another, he offhandedly decided to call it "dawg music" -- a name which, curiously enough, has stuck."

here is a find that a friend turned me on to this spring. karl hector and the malcouns. contains refelections of afrobeat, funk, jazzyiness and psych (like the band "can"). fun party music and rewards careful listening. fans of budos, monophonics etc need to check this out. always puts a smile on my face.


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Don't know where I read this review but I was pretty sure it was something I would enjoy. "

"Like a handful of Ambien and a glass of Scotch taken aurally."

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Continuing with some more Elena Tonra from the Daughter group's recording If You Leave.

A bit less Ambien at work here.



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I've been somewhat 'stuck' on a few albums/bands recently:

High On Fire - 'Luminiferous' ... I love High on Fire, and Sleep for that matter, there are a few tracks on this album that make me stop and air guitar no matter what I'm doing. That, in my mind, is the measure of a damn good song.

Wolves in the Throne Room - Thrice Woven .... really their whole catalog. I don't remember how I heard of this band, I think it was a Tidal recommendation from me listening to so much Neurosis... very awesome band, very different for a black metal band.

also been listening to Lorde - Melodrama. Another great album from her.

and, as always, listening to lots of Unsane...

Clearly i'm mostly in a ~metal mood lately, mostly.