Today's Jazz Playlist


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Lately I've been listening to some Curtis Amy & Frank Butler, specifically the album Groovin' Blue on Tidal. Can't go wrong with Carmell Jones and Bobby Hutcherson in the lineup.


Based on that I thought I would revisit the album recently released as a Tone Poet, that I initially passed on. Katanga ! another Pacific Jazz release, and revisiting that on Tidal made me succumb to temptation.

The album arrived on my doorstep just 21 hours after ordering. This one is not a gatefold cover, and my copy seemed to have a sizable crease on one corner. No matter, the record is nice and flat with perfect playback. Sounds great. Good addition to the collection.




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Nice Brubeck!

This is a worthwhile listen:


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Been on a bit of a Jazz-Rock & Fusion kick recently. I had quickly burned a playlist of some stuff, off the top of my head, based on Blow By Blow. Needed something to listen to on a road trip to visit my 90-year-old father and my little brother.

This one required another listen when I got home.

And it does sound a bit better here than in the car.

Mike Melito / Dino Losito Quartet - You're It
Cellar Live Records, 16/44 Flac qobuz via roon, Released 2020
Yesterday, a nice discovery via qobuz from last year. Nice tone on the tenor and the vibe has me listening to it again today.

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 11.54.05 AM.png