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Patricia Barber Companion
Live recording from the Green Mill Chicago. Nice collection of a few Barber originals and covers of a few rock/pop standards from the late 60's. She's playing the B3 on a few cuts.
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I have seen Patricia three times, including once at the Green Mill. Funny thing is that I have never seen her with her longtime bass player Michael Arnopol, who's playing I really enjoy.

The Green Mill show was excellent, both for the music and for the audience paying rapt attention to the music. Before they started she asked for folks to refrain from talking during her performance, fair enough. But then she had to stop a tune and asked a loud-talker to please be quiet. Minutes later they stopped playing again and a bouncer came over and escorted the guy out of the place. He was loudly complaining all the way out the door. That got a round of applause. The funny thing was that the three other people at his table stayed for the rest of the show.

She has a couple more sets from the Green Mill that are available for download from her site.

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The Green Mill owner Dave Jemilo actively lets the audience know of the "listening rules" when introducing the act, whether or not the night's performance is being recorded. That respect for live performances is one of the reasons the club is so perfect for any jazz devotee. If you've never been there to enjoy the atmosphere and authentic Art Deco decor, please make the club a special destination for your next Chicago visit (you might want to wait a few days until our current arctic temps warm up a bit).
Chico Hamilton - The Dealer
Impulse, CD Rip 16/44 Flac
Roon had Chico as a featured artist so I started there.
Some good names on this one. Larry Coryell, Archie Shepp on piano, Gabor Szabo, and many more

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