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interesting- can you say what you like about this recording? even tho im a long time ECM fan, mr. gustavsen is new to me.

great cover image by the way - makes me want to hear the music.
Mostly I like the trio. It's restrained, cool, and somewhat introspective. They allow "space between the notes" at times. Similar to the Marcin Wasilewski Trio in some ways.

There's earlier albums like "Being There" and "The Ground" which are good ( if you like this sort of thing ). I am less enamoured with the albums that stray from the trio format. FWIW, YMMV and all that.


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Another 'new to me' artist that my new best friend Roon has turned me on to.

WINNER OF THE BEST JAZZ ALBUM OF THE YEAR - Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards, 2012

Nominated Best Jazz Album MOBO Awards, 2011


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I seem to only run across Hank Jones as a sideman, or on the two spiritual recordings he has done with Charlie Hayden.

Might have to check out that tasty Compassion recording.

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I am digging this guys stuff.

Matthew Halsall ~ Fletcher Moss Park

"Fletcher Moss Park is a fitting acknowledgment of the meditative qualities of the park, an album full of Halsall's beautiful, spacious and spiritual music.
Fletcher Moss Park doesn't represent a great leap forward for Halsall: it's instantly recognizable as a companion to On The Go, infused with the spirit of John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane, and that's no bad thing. Like its predecessor, Fletcher Moss Park is a delight: a disarmingly charming set that re-affirms the trumpeter's talents."



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Is this morose, sad-bastard Jazz?
The sun was shining yesterday, no sad bastard jazz when the sun is out in SEMI.

Don, I know you are not a big John Coltrane fan, so I would have to assume you are not an Alice Coltrane fan either? This music seems to have much of the spiritual feeling I get from Alice Coltrane's ~ Ptah, the El Daoud and Journey in Satchidananda recordings, but it is much more accessible.

Speaking of accessible, someday I would really like to hear your take on Free Jazz, as I would like to know if Free Jazz recordings make any sense to folks that have a music background. I certainly don't get it.