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Saw these folks earlier this year and did not think much of the combination of Allison Miller with the folk/jazz vibe of the other players.

The record seems to work a bit better.

Thinking back they did say that they were actually writing some of their new music while sitting in the green room waiting to perform.

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thanks for the tip on this. ms miller's music has been on my radar screen for a while but ive yet to have any playing in my house.


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If you like Marc Cohn, please do yourself a favor. Put this album on and just kick back and listen to the whole thing.
Will have to check it out.

We saw Marc Cohn at a WDET music festival way back when. When he introduced a song as being off of his second or possibly his third album, one person started clapping. Marc then said, "Oh so you must be the person that bought it, thanks."