Today's Progressive Rock Music


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Ok....since you all know I am a progressive rock music lover.....Let's get this show on the road! Anything Progressive Rock related: progmetal, krautrock, neo-prog, symphonic prog, canterbury, avant-garde, prog-folk, crossover.... post your listens here and maybe some of us will find some new music/artists to explore.

I'll start with my #1 band, just saw them live in Seattle this past Sunday July 19...Epic show!



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OK--I'll play. Not exactly my genre, but it might motivate me to dust off my 70's albums.

I'll start with my favourite Prog Rock Album: [h=1]Brain Salad Surgery[/h]

Emerson, Lake. and Palmer

RH 67

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I have more but here are a few for now. Widespread Panic, Umphrey`s McGee, Porcupine Tree, Phish, Disco Bisquits, Radio Head, Gov`t Mule.


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Free Hand--Gentle Giant

One of the best 70's prog rock groups who, for some reason, were never destined for super-stardom like their fellow Brits (Yes,Tull,ELP etc.).



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^ GG is one band for some reason has never clicked with me.......I have a couple digital downloads of their albums, will have to try again