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Dug out of the " be determined..." pile. It's been a really loooong time, and I'd forgotten how much I liked The Strawbs. They were one of my gateway drugs to prog rock in my early musical awakening.

Dave Cousins' earily-similar-to-Peter-Gabriel's-voice just caused a bit of a flash back. 😊




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Steven Wilson Hand. Cannot. Erase (2015)
Kscope 315 CD+DVD Media Book Edition

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OK, another silly format question. How does the cd version compare to the dvd version? I have several remastered cds - several are Steven Wilson productions - but since I don’t have a dvd player in any of my audio systems I can’t compare.
Is the sq of the dvd version better than the cd?

And then there’s this, remastered.



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OK, another silly format question. How does the cd version compare to the dvd version?
They aren't wildly different, same mastering as best I can tell.

What the 24-bit version (of this or any other album) brings on a purely technical basis is superior dynamic range. 16-bit Redbook CD offers about 98dB of dynamic range (or as high as 120dB perceived dynamic range when coupled with noise-shaped dither), while the 24-bit DVD (or the equivalent download files) can reach a theoretical maximum of 144dB of dynamic range.

Since most recordings don't contain 120dB of dynamic range, nor would most playback systems be capable of reproducing it, it is likely the CD quality version of most recordings is perfectly sufficient if not overkill in terms of dynamic range.

Other variables are specific to one's own playback set-up and subjective preference, for instance does the DAC involved somehow sound better on one format vs. the other due to various design choices? Does the higher sample rate involved allow for use of a more gentle reconstruction filter scheme with the hi-rez vs. Redbook? Does any particular person hear that difference and assign huge significance to it, or is it deemed just slightly/marginally different or perhaps better?

Only you can decide that by giving it a try. The "Media Book" CD+DVD edition of Hand. Cannot. Erase wasn't really much more expensive than the CD, in those cases that's what I buy both to own/listen to the 24-bit version, and also because it is collectible. Once it goes out of print and hits that rare/collectible status, typically the price skyrockets.


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More David Torn, this time sitting in with Sonar, at the suggestion of Henry Kaiser. This is like a lost King Crimson album; think Red meets the ProjeKcts, sans vocals. This is the Only Sonar I have but I plan to get more.