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Just fired up my Pioneer RT-909, after some work on her tension rollers. I just happen to have this commercially recorded tape and used to really dig these fellows. The rest of my system is down for bed bugs, so I am groovin' on this tape (7", 3-3/4 IPS, R2R, X 5048) as she sings on my test bench, into my bench rig. As it turns out, most of my source material is currently undergoing bed bug treatment, before bringing it back in, in a couple of weeks.



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A recent review said that Ray might have been listening to some Pink Floyd when he recorded this. After one listen I believe he also was listening to some early Peter Green FM, The Stones & Savoy Brown.



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Thanks Pat! Hadn't seen this before. I've come to love Gary Moore's work and yeah, how did he get missed?