Toronto Audio Fest 2019 Oct 18 to 20th


Say hi to Mike Tang of Mike Tang Audio for me! He's a good guy, always running some neat stuff.


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I went to the show.
Red Boy, you're right Mike is a very nice person. He had a large custom table with magnetic suspension arms. see pic. muraudio.jpgMiketangturntable.jpg
My vote for most appealing sound was from these Mur Audio hybrids. Very natural mids from Estats and solid bass from four 6" dymanic drivers, all powered and fed by Triangle source and electronics.

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Got out there today and had an, ummm, ok time. Very few things that were new or exciting. Lots of horrible audiophile music. The same crowd of middle aged dudes, getting greyer every year. I found most systems to be overly bright. Ultra detailed, but lacking musicality. Impressive for audio effects, but not something I'd want to listen to long term.

One of my favorites was this unassuming looking system. Totem Forests and an Arcam integrated amp. Cheap and cheerful in this crowd, but it made beautiful music.


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NAD had a killer little all in one at $3500 Canadian. Direc DSP in it too! Just add speakers.

Btw, the folks from NAD are really great. Totally welcoming and very informative.