Unboxing the $150,000US Audio Note Ongaku

First Listening impressions - they have officially become a dealer - I can't imagine them selling too many $300k amp speaker combinations but AN UK does manage to sell a lot of Ongaku amps in Asia.

One more comment here from me, sorry all to derail the thread this way.

Richard, read through some of your reviews and I'm still chewing on the AN designs here. The DAC 0.1x uses the TDA1543 chip which (I checked lol) is a 16 bit chip in a dip8 package that only has options for voltage out, not current out. So we've established that the unit at the bottom of the lineup does indeed use an integrated op amp, and the unit at the top uses transformers for I/V. All of the DACs in between those use chips which have an option for integrated op amp use. So I don't know. Seems like a lot of cash in a scenario where a company isn't too excited about telling me what's actually in their device.
Hey, ain’t no such thing as derailing a thread around these parts! That’s just SOP.