Unity Audio Cancer Fighter Speaker Cable Reviews


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Thanks very much for the updates @TubeHiFiNut.
I've got a pair of Mission M33i that I just took in on trade.
Looking forward to putting them into the main rig this long weekend. :dance


Thanks very much for the updates @TubeHiFiNut.
I've got a pair of Mission M33i that I just took in on trade.
Looking forward to putting them into the main rig this long weekend. :dance

That should be fun. :(

I'll listen to the Cancer Fighters in the main system this weekend and then get them sent off to the next Havenite in line. :)


The Cancer Fighters are hooked up in the Man Cave System:
  • Analog sources:
    • Micro Seiki RX1500VG table, Arm/Cartridge 1: Grace G660 12" arm, Orsonics headshell, Denon DL103 Arm/Cartridge 2: ET II Air Bearing arm, Magnesium arm wand, Denon DL103
    • Quicksilver SUT, Redboy Audio SUT, Denon AU-320 SUT, Ortofon SUT
    • Thorens TD124 table, Ortofon RMG212 arm, AT headshell, Shure SC35C/N35X cartridge/stylus
    • Quicksilver Phono Preamp (custom)
    • EAR 834P clone phono preamp
    • Marantz 10B Tuner
    • Ampex tube RR
  • Digital Sources:
    • MacBook running the current MacOS or Lenovo Think Pad running Ubuntu Studio 16.04 streaming Tidal, Deezer, Napster, Amazon, Google and the local Nevada Public Radio Classical and Jazz station (KNCJ)
    • AQ Jitterbugs (times 2)
    • Concero HD DAC
    • OPPO BDP93 SACD player
    • JVC 1050 CD player
  • Preamp:
    • Schiit Saga with Shugang CV181 or JAN-Sylvania 6SN7W
  • Amplifiers:
    • Caztech SE845 SETMonoblocks
    • Quicksilver SET300B
    • Almarro A205a
  • Speakers:
    • Belle Klipsch with Community SRH90 mid-horns
  • Cables and Wire:
    • Belden 8402 tinned interconnects
    • Canare L5-CFB tinned interconnects
    • Dueland 16ga and 12ga tinned speaker cables

Preliminary listening done.

Will finish up my listening tonight and tomorrow. Will post my impressions on Monday. :)

Who is next on the list? :)


One of the finest Day on the Green concerts I saw in Oakland, CA had only two bands: The Grateful Dead followed by The Who.

The Dead played Terrapin Station (among others). The Who played Tommy. Each band played for 3+ hours.

So it was fitting that I begin the Man Cave System review of the Unity Audio Cancer Fighter Speaker Cables with the two albums featured at that concert.

Albums used to evaluate:
Grateful Dead - "Terrapin Station"
The Who - "Tommy"
Pink Floyd - "Animals"
Natalie Merchant - "Tigerlily" (only the San Andreas Fault song)
The Modern Jazz Quartet - "The Last Concert"
Renaissance - various selections
Rimsky-Korsakov - "Scheherezade", Reiner, CSO, RCA Living Stereo
Dvorák - "Cello Concerto", Janos Starker, Dorati, LSO, Mercury Living Presence
John Coltrane - "My Favorite Things"
Aaron Espy - "All Things New"
Accoustic Alchemy - "Mr. Chow"
The Beatles - "Abbey Road"
Johnny Cash - "American Recordings" (if you've never heard this album, please listen to it - especially "Tennessee Stud")
Cowboy Junkies - "Lay it Down"
Plus a variety of other Jazz, Classical, Rock and Blues selections.

Gear listed in the previous post. I did go back to the JAN-Sylvania 6SN7W I got from @mhardy6647 as, after my preliminary listening session, I felt it better matched the Unity Audio cables.

Before we get started, a huge "Thank You" to Omer ( @cableguy ), the driving force behind Unity Audio for supplying a pair of his Cancer Fighter Speaker Cables for review. :)

Construction is excellent. Cables are heavy, but not stiff. Nice and easy to manage. Materials appear to be very good. These appear to be a simple and direct design. Fine by me - I've heard very complex (and very expensive) speaker cables do great damage to the music.

The Unity Audio Cancer Fighter Speaker Cables are enjoyable and satisfying cables. They don't seem to gloss things over too much, letting the "bite" of horns and guitars come through while only rounding things a bit.

Good top to bottom balance.

Reasonably detailed without being overly etched.

Soundstage? On a well recorded album (think Classical RCA Living Stereo and Mercury Living Presence albums) the Unity Audio cables didn't mess with instrumental placement. Maybe slightly reduced in size and focus from my reference Dueland 12ga Tinned.

Bass? Definitely decent bass, although not the deepest or most pronounced - that crown belongs to the (5X the price) EWA LS-25 speaker cables.

So where does all that leave us?

The Unity Audio Cancer Fighter Speaker Cables do a lot of things right. Their sins are of slight omission and are consonant with the music.

The bottom line for me is always the emotional connection I feel with the music. If a component does not allow me to connect with the music I love, it matters not how well it does anything else.....

So, did the Unity Audio Cancer Fighter Speaker Cables allow me to connect to the music?

Now we are talking about matters of degree. The answer is yes, but.......

The Unity Audio cables did allow me to connect to the music, just not quite to the extent that I get with my reference Dueland 12ga Tinned. As I said, a matter of degree.

Could I live with the Cancer Fighters? Yes, these are very good speaker cables - especially for $180/pr.

They are definitely better than the Canare 4S11 in the Living Room System and felt right at home in the Man Cave System.

Thank you, again, Omer ( @cableguy ) for the opportunity to review the Unity Audio Cancer Fighter Speaker Cables. :)

Now.....Who's next on the list? :)


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Go ahead and send em to @Audionut. I may have to opt out of this one.

With my new job, sadly I’ve had very little time for audio and I don’t see that easing up in the next few weeks. :(