Unusual undertaking arising out of our present predicament...


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Me too, one haircut, the first week that NY reopened that kind of business. The place said they had installed a UV sterilizer on the HVAC system, and I was one of only two customers they were taking at a time even though it looked to me like they probably could have done at least 4-6 while maintaining proper distancing in that space. They took my temperature when I arrived, and both myself and the hair stylist wore masks.

It's now almost 2 months later and I need another haircut.
I had 'em give me a 'butch' so I could probably go longer if I chose to. Of course, my PCP is also wanting a checkup and I need to do a dental checkup as well, so I'm going to have to break self-imposed quarantine somewhat.

At least I can work from home and my weekly D&D game is on Zoom.


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I'm finally getting back, this morning, to the doctor to follow up on a check up I had at the end of January. I'm not exactly excited about going to a doctor's office but I need some blood work and other maintenance. Boo. What a pain in the butt this thing is.


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I haven’t been to a barber’s since retiring and have been buzz cutting my hair with trimmers, Jean-Luc Picard style.

My unusual present predicament undertaking is more sartorial related after my wife commented that my daily wear of
t-shirt and jeans is looking a tad grundgy. So I found a manual to help me dress all fancy like.


I have to admit I look fabulous AND patriotic!