Using a Supertweeter

Has anyone added a modern Supertweeter in their builds to compliment these older Altecs (604, 601 etc) and similar coaxial/3-way drivers? I am looking at the Eminence ASD 1001 horn drivers like what Zu uses. Would use those with a small horn'waveguide I suppose.
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Yeah, I prefer my Altec 605s with a 3000H tweeter up top, crossed in at about 5K. That's not quite 'super' territory, but in any case, REW tells me the compression drivers are rolling off at about 5K, with a dip at 7K. The REW image is a smoothed near-field sweep, with my house curve and no additional tweeter. Apologies, I don't have a measurement with the 3000H running.13800
my word, those enclosures are attractive.
Picked them up at an estate sale actually. My pro woodworker says they are Mahogany. They needed bracing so I added that. 24w x 36h x 16d so near Golden Ratio proportions when the riser is added on the bottom. I am looking to build similar cabinets, maybe see if I can get away with something a touch smaller. Proper height of tweeter then becomes a design consideration.
The vent in these is pretty big at 3.5 x 16 and I should learn to do some calcs on that and maybe play with closing some it off. the insulation is just standard fiberglass batting on all walls and both front and back panel. I just picked up a couple boxes of AC 703 2" material so I am wondering if I should also replace the fluffy stuff.
Altho ugh they sound marvelous as-is. :chin
Trying my best Red. I am really liking the full range driver thing, but trying to find my route to getting as much on either end of the freq spectrum as I can w/o muddying those waters. the add-on Fostex was a simple thing with it's own crossover. Driving these with fully restored dynaco ST70 (old glorious mullards), the Chinese Xian Sheng Pre with tone controls bypassed and some Swedish Supra Classic cable.

That big squirly cable (XLO Signature) going to nothing is there for when I pull in my ADS L1590 and SS power to them.


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I have had mixed results adding a supertweeter. Going way back in time, I tired of (1) RTR ESR-6 tweeters with FMI-80 regardless of crossover frequency and (2) Panasonic ribbons with Strathearn ribbons also regardless of crossover frequency. The big factor with each one was the lack of coherency. After I got over the spectacular imaging and speed, I realized I could always hear the supertweeter. It just sounded different from the mid speaker. I preferred the sound of the main speaker (FMI-80 or Strathearn) running full range on top and no tweeter on top.

In more recent years, I tried an EV T-35B with my YL horns. The tweeter crossed in at 10K and the mid horn ran flat in the highs (no HF rolloff). This too was distracting. I could always hear the tweeter.

But now I use an EV T-350 with the YL horns. I used it at first with the same 10K filter on the EV with no HF rolloff on the YL mid Horn. The T-350 was a major improvement in coherency. After a few weeks I changed the crossover so both the EV tweeter and the YL mid horn have a 7K second-order crossover. Now the crossover is as seamless a blend as I have ever heard.
I pulled the trigger on a pair of Eminence AS1001 supertweeters that came up on Bartertown over at AK. They come with some simple little plastic/ABS waveguides, but those really aren't very sexy looking to be using with the Vintage Altec gear. Have you guys found a nice source/option for smaller waveguides to use with something like this. As I mentioned above, my Zu's use this tweeter with a nice looking round shinny aluminum horn/waveguide that is like 5". Something like that would be great.