Various bits and pieces

Hi all

I have a few bits and pieces that im unlikely to use for one reason or another and thought maybe someone would be interested or might like to do some trades? im interested in but not limited to potted chokes and push pull output transformers.

Im in the UK so that might make things a bit more complicated

A pair of parmeko 1:1 transformers

A Collins power transformer made my Chicago, might suit a phono or preamp

3 pairs of the Tamura output transformers from the sony tc500 tape players. 5k:8/600
- reserved for Redboy
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Joe, I sent you a message about the Sony outputs but as you point out, the shipping cost could be a deal killer. Too bad, as I have piles of potted chokes to trade! :)
Interesting items !

What are the 1:1 tranny impedances ? Primary current ? Is secondary for SE or PP ?

How about some prices ? Are there items you would trade for ? Best Regards...


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I may be interested in the AT-LH15 headshell. Tubeactive and I are practically neighbors so shipping would be easier if we both buy something. Just saying.....

Hi guys,

The parmeko transformers are huge ( the size of large output transformers), im afraid i have no idea about specs other than they are 1:1. It seems shipping to the states might be problematic at the moment due to Covid and brexit (reports of pileups of goods at uk boarders and lengthy delays).

Im looking into estimates for shipping the transformers so will hipefully be able to give an idea of the costs involved in the next day or two.