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Infinity RS 10" woofer voice coil replacement.

First rip out the old coil and motor assembly. In this case the cone will be reused so take caution on removing and cleaning.

Clean the gluing surface of the basket. After covering the magnet flux gap I use a die grinder with a sanding disk. Being carful not to grind away the metal.


Photo #2
making & test fitting a shim to properly center and hold the voice coil in place while the glue cures. This step is the most important. You only have once chance to get it right.


Photo #3
Setting the coil depth in the spider or lower suspension. No glue at this point just a test fit and marking the where the suspension should land on the coil. To low and the voice coil will bottom out inside the magnet. To high and the coil will be above the magnetic flux lines.

Photo #4
Test fit of all the components.
At this point for a approximation of center is made & the surround or foam is glued to the cone. After that dries the surround, spider, voice coil & cone are glued simultaneously. At this moment in time, you really hope you made your shim correctly. this is the point of no return

Photo #5
Soldering new voice coil leads to the connection terminals. After the glue is 100℅ cured.


Photo #6
Feed the new voice coil leads thru cone and solder to the tiny voice coil wires. Glue voice coil wires to side of cone under the location of the dust cap. Glue dust cap on dead center. If it's off just a hair it will look like crap.


I am taking for granted that the old spider is re-used. Where did the new voice coil come from?

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