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There were many stops on my quest for an end-game step up transformer ( at least I can pretend it’s over!) - and every one had its charms. A few sets of transformers are on the bench sadly, so I decided to give them a proper send-off so other folks can enjoy them.

These were made in my basement - but I think turned out nicely. They certainly sound great and can provide a lifetime of fun with a decent moving coil cartridge.

Altec/Peerless 4722: $750 (or $275 without transformers)
  • 1:33 or 1:16 ratio
  • Vampire CM2F or Audio Note silver-plated RCA jacks
  • Audio Note silver plated binding post used for ground post
  • Short signal path point-to-point wiring using either Discovery copper or Duelund/DH Labs silver hook-up wire

RCA 12399: $400
  • 1:14 step up ratio
  • Vampire gold-plated RCA jacks
  • Same wiring and ground post as above
  • Note: these are an early version without RCA labels. Triad was the manufacturer of the RCA 12399...I may have another pair floating around with RCA labels.



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