Wanted Tonearm for a MK1 Thorens TD 124


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Curious as to what you ended up with. Not to hi-jack this thread
A fully gutted/modified AR ES-1 that's really a Merrill/Gem Dandy table in an AR plinth, with an Ortofon TK-850s tonearm. The guy that had it was local to me and had gotten into idler tables. He'd put thousands into this AR and then decided he wanted another idler (had a beautiful lenco PTP build already) and I'd put a couple thousand in my TD-124 and decided I wanted something else, so it worked out great.


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More work necessary and just using a 103 with a A23 step up, but it’s up and running...so far I like the arm. The lifter does not seem to have much range but other than that the table is making music.

quite a different sound from my garrard 301 but then again so many other variables too. View attachment 35225
Looks great!

The cueing device is height adjustable via the set screw to the left.



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Thanks. I’ll try that.

I am thinking to get an SPU #1 or splurge and pickup the SPU Wood-A.
AFAIK, that AB230 is only compatible with the SPU-G series body.
You'll need an adapter for an SPU-A body otherwise the geometry will be incorrect.