Western Electric KS12024

Early @hifitown was very generous in loaning me his WE KS12024 to do a deep dive. I had earlier modeled the same horn using data from the internet. But, there is no substitute in having a real horn to take detailed measurements.

I really like the 12024 form factor. Not too big, not too small. It also has a cool industrial look to it....

After taking careful measurements and direct observation of the casting details, was able to create the throat and the mouth models as true to the originals as I could make them. Learned a few things about bending horns the WE way....


Side by side pics.


The KS12024 has a 50 degrees horizontal spread. However, it has the added cool feature of being able to pair up with another horn to create a 100 degrees horizontal spread.



Paired with the TA-66.



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So, after much thinking and pondering, I've decided the best way to update the KS12024 to the modern 1" throat is to add one additional "cell" to the existing 4. Effectively, the horizontal spread increases from 50 degrees to 62.5 degrees. By making the horn wider, I was able to keep the slim profile in the vertical direction. Besides, the slightly wider horizontal beam should make the horn a bit more versatile. This approach maintains most of the the classic lines and proportions of the original KS12024.

I printed the PWK1505 some time ago. Axi2050 horn design considerations

Multicellular horns are very competent and polite. However, I am looking for that special "coolness" combine with good hi-fi performance that are typical of many WE horns. Also, there are not many good 2" horns out there....

The KS12024 kept coming back to me. The 3D printed 1" version sounded really good. So, took some time and created a 2" version of the 12024. The 2" is a beast. Below is a side-by-side. Original with the 50 degrees horizontal beam. 1" with the 72.5 degrees and 2" with the 65 degrees. (Had to modify the horizonal angles to maintain the vertical dispersion and maintain proper expansion.)


The 2" should do well at 500Hz and above.

And, unique to the KS-12024 horn "family", the 2" can also be ganged together side by side.

Fine tuning the throat now. Will be on the printer soon.


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What 2 inch drivers you designing for?
I would love to try one that would work with Altec 299 drivers but the large Altecs are 1.4 inch.
These are super cool, keep up the exciting work.