What are you listening to right now ?

Again I have stolen this thread title but I think we all might like the chance to just post what we are listening to right now, at this moment. I don't think we need to worry about genre at all .....jus share what you have on the turntable, CD player. cassette desk , 8 track ......
I will start ....A Japanese CD copy of "Sgt Pepper's lonely Hearts Club Band"...................................and now all I need is "A Little Help From My Friends " to post some things that they are currently listening to.........
Wish You Were Here ....Pink Floyd........a nice Dutch copy which I Acquired for 1 Euro and cleaned up, it sounds really good and the amount of dirt removed was considerable but now I can hear a nice clean copy, appreciate the musicianship and the great production.


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Whenever my 16 year old drives she gets to stream whatever she likes. It’s our rule, driver gets to pick. So currently listening to Mother Mother while she drives. A band I had never heard of before, but I’m liking what I’m hearing.


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I just stumbled on Hocus Pocus the other day on Qobuz, oddly they seem not to have the Moving Waves album, just a Greatest Hits type compilation.

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Thijs van Leer Introspection 4........where rock meets classical.

Saw Focus open for Edgar Winter (of all people) at Eastern Michigan University like 73 or 74. I was quite impressed with their music, especially the song Questions Answered ~ Answered Questions, which was like prog-jazz. Of course, it seemed no one was paying attention until they played their hit, & the same could be said of the Edgar Winter set.