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Post Whore In Training
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - K.G. Explorations into Microtonal Tuning, Volume 2
Flightless / Caroline Records - Squashed Brain edition LP - 2020
Psychedelic microtonal rock with a little smattering of metal


Listening to an EMI CD re master of this and the quality is stunning. Having watched a few recent documentaries about this recently, I have changed my views on this album. In teenage times it was just a "cool' album but now it is interesting to see how much it is a comment on David's life and how he saw the world.

Skip Bifferty came from Newcastle upon Tyne and were formed out of the remains of The Chosen Few which contained future Lindisfarne man Alan Hull. Now, Skip Bifferty made a great and very interesting psychedelic album . However it is what followed on from them that was most interesting. Contained within their ranks are people who went on to play with Ian Dury’s Blockheads. Bassist Colin Gibson went on to work with Ginger Baker, Bert Jansch , Alvin Lee and Van Morrison, The Chrarisma band Bell and arc have their roots in Skip Bifferty and there are connections with Keith Emersons’s Nice also appeared in the 1960s cult film Smashing Time, featuring Rita Tushingham.. There songs were covered by Cilla Black, The Tremeloes and The Kingsmen . Their 45 Man in Black was produced by Steve Marriot and Ronnie Lane .

The album is a delightful listen with strong song writing and good production which brings out the interesting and diverse styles of the content well. Finding a vinyl copy is an expensive business and the CD though cheaper is none too common but, does have some great extras. Thank to The Wiki and this has been posted on another site.

If you look at David Jones ( Bowie)'s early life and upbringing, then you begin to make sense of his career. Without putting too fine a point on it, this was one mighty disturbed person whose records reflect the ever changing and unstable aspects of David's personality. As a star this "problem' gave him a chameleon kind of creativity which allowed him to lead trends and fashion. This album is his heavy rock phase and as such moved on from the Anthony Newley era and Folk Bowie. It has, as always, an interesting insight into his thinking and activities at the time, as well as, some excellent music..... One interesting thought ...if David Jones had not been a star, he would have been a very odd person who might have found himself institutionalized ?